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Initial consultation, live and dry blood analysis:

For the price listed for an initial consultation and blood analysis you will receive a review of your current situation accompanied by hand written notes. Additionally you will receive relevant and selected generic printed material along with other relevant reference material and e-mailed links.

You will get to see your live and dry blood samples at the time of the consultation. Still photographs will be taken of phenomena visible in live and dry blood samples. These pictures can be e-mailed to you in their raw state with an explanatory key.

For an additional £25 the blood pictures from the consultation can be formatted and labelled, with arrows showing highlighted phenomena and individual explanatory text for the pictures.

For an additional £175 a full typed report from the consultation can be provided.

Some food based supplements and minerals may also be recommended. It is not essential to have the supplements for the programme to be effective. Some people can find them helpful to restore balance in busy and peripatetic lives.

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