Consultations are carried out by Gareth Edwards DipION. BSc. mBANT who is registered with the CNHC.

Where geography permits, the preferable (and most exciting) option is to have a two hour initial nutrition consultation with live and dry blood analysis (read more here).

If you live outside the UK or travelling to London is challenging, an initial consultation can be carried out on the telephone or on Skype. (This does not include blood analysis!)

An initial consultation allows you to re-think your health from a different perspective and be an active participant in improving wellbeing. If you feel that you need help and encouragement or a review of how things are going, you can book short phone, Skype or “in person” consultations.

If you have had blood analysis it’s usually good to look at your blood again after you’ve made some changes to see how the pictures have changed. If you are going for big changes and you want regular support monthly reviews for two to three months can be a good idea. For most people however a repeat blood analysis after two to three months (or longer!) is adequate.

Read more information about the initial consultation including blood analysis and price structure here

During this time we’ll look at many factors that may be effecting your current health situation as well as observing your live and dry blood samples. You’ll need to complete this questionnaire and food diary.

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