Food For Life

Food for life provides consultations, education and inspiration to promote health and healing through plant focused diets and naturopathic healing principles.

Personal health and nutrition consultations and blood analysis can be booked with our highly qualified and CNHC registered nutritionist Gareth Edwards.

We run one day educational workshops in London and residential weekend ‘retreats’ in rural settings outside London.

Gareth can be booked for public speaking to help promote health and wellness in group, corporate and sports team settings.

Food for life and Gareth’s approach is focused around eating local, seasonal and organically grown plant foods to help promote optimum health and wellbeing. This can be combined with juicing, sprouting, periodic fasting and other naturopathic approaches to help promote alkalinity and reduce oxidative stress. Live and dry blood analysis and blood chemistry markers can be used to help patients understand areas of imbalance and to help motivate diet and lifestyle change.