Gareth Edwards BSc.

Gareth Edwards


About Gareth Edwards

Gareth first developed an interest in nutritional therapy when a change in dietary habits helped him overcome a serious personal health challenge at the age of 21. Now 55 and after fourteen years of practice as a nutritional therapist, Gareth helps people to understand the root causes of health challenges and how these can be reversed through increasing alkalinity and detoxification.

In addition to seven years of nutritional study at ION and the University of Westminster, Gareth has been positively influenced by the work of and a visit to the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida and worked closely with Britain’s leading organic food pioneer, Daphne Lambert of the Greencuisine Trust.

Gareth uses a combination of living food based, patient centered approaches and live and dry blood analysis. He has helped patients to reverse the progress of type 2 diabetes, normalize blood pressure and bowel habits, regain skin and reproductive organ health and stop migraines. He has also given valued nutritional advice to people facing a full spectrum of other health challenges.

Gareth wrote a weekly nutrition column in the Daily Star for several years and has provided corporate nutritional advice to several UK businesses. Gareth is an active sportsman and has won four national championship titles. He also advised UK Olympic sailor and coach to the 2008 gold medal winning women’s team, Paul Brotherton, on nutritional strategy. He also hosts and co-hosts regular nutrition and lifestyle workshops and weekends.

Gareth is a registered member of BANT

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