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Recommended auger / masticating juice machines

Food For Life / Recommended auger / masticating juice machines

Auger Juice Extractor

Main features / advantages

Additional comments

Price inc UK P & P

Savant Z-star manual auger juicer

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Light, easily transported.

Inexpensive, quality parts.

1-year warranty,

Good for all vegetables and wheatgrass

eco-friendly (hand-operated)

Needs attaching to a solid surface with supplied clamp.

Smaller auger and powered by hand makes juicing a meditative experience!


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Omega 8004 horizontal auger juicer

Lower price, top quality, horizontal auger. High yields with wheatgrass, leafy greens and all other vegetables and fruit.

15-year warranty on motor and all juicing parts

Smaller auger means juice is made more slowly than the bigger (Sana) horizontal and vertical auger machines

£299 (with food processor parts for nut butters etc.)

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Sana EUJ-606 large

horizontal auger

Highly efficient horizontal machine

Very high yields with wheatgrass, leafy greens and other vegetables and fruit.

10-year motor warranty & 5 years for parts

Requires more horizontal space on countertop.

L:420 x W:187 x H 320 (mm)

Recommended as best horizontal juicer by US juice guru John Kohler

£359 (red, silver or chrome)

£369 (black)

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Sana EUJ-707 large horizontal auger

Same specification as EUJ-606 (above) with styled motor housing.

10-year motor warranty & 5 years for parts

606 & 707 come with food food processor parts

L:420 x W:187 x H 320 (mm)

£369 (red, white or chrome)

£379 (blck, brnz, orng, pnk, prpl, grn bl, slvr)

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Omega VSJ 843 R Vertical auger juicer

Large vertical auger gives faster juicing at low speed and temperature.

Quick and efficient with all vegetables including leafy greens. 15-year warranty on motor and parts

Double cutting & threaded auger – increased efficiency

Smaller footprint on countertop. Top rated vertical juicer. (NB horizontal juicers give slightly higher yields with wheatgrass and some leafy greens.

L.254MM W.178MM H.406MM


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We have carefully selected these high-quality, great value juicers to cater for all budgets and space requirements. Do contact us for more information or to place an order.