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Sports Nutrition

Maximize Your Sporting Potential

Improving sports performance is closely linked with optimum health and wellbeing. Using the advanced health diagnostics of multi-marker blood chemistry, live and dry blood analysis and full personal health and medical history, Gareth can help people unlock and develop their full sporting potential.

Gareth is an active sportsman himself and won four National Championship sailing titles between 1991 and 2015. In 2006 he was approached by Olympian and top level sailing coach Paul Brotherton to help with nutritional advice for the Yngling team. Paul saw a strong link between their World Championship victory and Olympic gold medal and the heavily (green) plant focused diet that we discussed and Paul developed with the team.

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Make a request for Gareth to visit and present to your team or sports club. Visits can include personal consultations and live and dry blood analysis.

There has been a recent rise in the interest in plant focused eating and its link with sporting success. Films like the Game Changers and the sporting success of Novak Djockovic and Lewis Hamilton have encouraged many more people to consider plant focused eating to help achieve optimum performance. Gareth is uniquely placed to advise on the health and performance effects of plant focused plans.

Nutritional advice focussed on increasing alkalinity / reducing acidity of body tissue and building healthy blood are also important in helping reduce inflammation and facilitate recovery from sporting injuries.

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