Sprouting Equipment

Sprouting (early stage germination) of seeds, beans and pulses provides inexpensive, highly nutritious ‘living’ food which can easily be grown in your home. Vitamins increase exponentially during sprouting and other nutrients become much more bio-available (more easily absorbed and metabolised) than their unsprouted equivalent.

Glass jars with stainless steel mesh lids make it easier to produce regular high yields of sprouts. We recommend and use Eschenfelder jars and kits. The jars come in two sizes 750ml and 1 litre. 

Select 750 ml for smaller denser seeds and beans (e.g. sunflower seeds, lentils) that expand very little when sprouted or smaller amounts of small seeds.

Select 1 litre jars for beans that expand when sprouted (e.g. mung) or larger quantities of smaller seeds (e.g. alfalfa, red clover, fenugreek, etc.)