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If you have bought sprouting jars with mesh metal tops (Eschenfelder or Geo) I recommend
placing the following order with Aconbury Sprouts to see what will work for you.

Go to the ‘Shop’ tab → seeds & kits → seed

Add the following to the cart:

1 x Alfalfa seeds 100gms
1 x Broccoli seeds 100gms
1 x China Rose Radish seeds 100gms
1 x Fenugreek seeds 100gms
1 x Mung beans 500gms
1 x Red Clover 100gms

You might also want to order some shoots and / or wheat and / or barley grass.

Go to the ‘Shop’ tab → wheatgrass & greens → trays & punnets.

You can order whole trays or punnet selections. N.B. Only do this if placing an order Monday – Thursday as the shoots need to be delivered next day.

Once you have the package delivered start with the mung beans as they are the easiest. Fill the jar to ¼ of the height with beans and fill the jar to just under the lid with (ideally) filtered water. Leave overnight (aprox. 12 hours) until the beans have swollen. Then drain, rinse thoroughly and place in draining position on the rack.

For the other seeds put approximately 1 tablespoon of alfalfa or red clover and one tablespoon of either fenugreek, radish or broccoli in the bottom of a 1 ltr jar (slightly less for .75ltr jar), cover with filtered water and stir seeds to make sure they are all underwater.

Leave to soak for 6-7 hours, then follow the same procedure as for the mung beans above.

Rinse the seeds thoroughly when washing. Allow the froth to come to the surface and wash out at least twice for every rinsing. Seeds and beans should be washed twice a day until they have approximately 1 cm shoots then placed in a ceramic bowl in the fridge.

If you are happy with the process you can order larger amounts of seeds for future orders. As above but order the 500gm packs for all seeds.

Get in touch if you have questions.

Happy Sprouting!