A new Article Challenging Old Paradigms: Journalist Discovers the Problems with HIV Science

For a detailed, referenced and easy to read summary of what’s wrong with the HIV/AIDS hypothesis, check out the review copies of two new articles by investigative journalist Janine Roberts.

On a 1977 assignment for BBC Channel 4, Roberts began tracing the origins of AIDS research, never imagining for a moment she would ‘uncover a quagmire of flawed, illogical science and serious, unreported fraud’.

Roberts’ chronicles her journey of discovery in ‘HIV Gate’,

a forty page report that examines and dissects original claims about the virus, and goes on to tackle some of the questions that information raises in ‘AIDS Gate’

another engaging and well-referenced work.

Beyond AP Headlines with Liam Scheff

Exclusive Interview with NIH Whistleblower

Fiercely independent journalist Liam Scheff shares a new take on the widely reported story of Dr Jonathan Fishbein, the federal employee who pointed out egregious misconduct in government AIDS research and paid a price for his integrity. Fishbein discusses the controversial African AIDS drug trials he exposed, his firing, his eventual reinstatement, and how medical ethics and the public trust are violated when profit and politics rule.

Go here to read ‘The Good Man at the NIH

one of many powerful and informative AIDS-related articles by Scheff found at the Guerilla News Network web site.

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